Organizing tasks and schedules with forulas


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a spreadsheet that includes a calendar for task scheduling and the project details in another tab.

Columns B and C in the calendar look something like this:
task 1
task 2
task 3
proj 2
task 1
task 2
task 3
and so on
and so on


Now i need to generate the list for the project details in another tab using formulas so that who'll be using this sheet won't have to update both tabs every time (minimizing the human error).

In short: the list should take the data from column B and display it in the same order in a chosen column, like this:

proj 1

but i cannot find a way to skip the blank cells and only display the ones that have content.

So far i tried using IFs, ISBLANKs, VLOOKUPs and combinations of those + others, with no luck so far.

I am starting to think that this might be very complicated if not impossible. Do you think that writing a (not too complicated) macro would be better? Or maybe with "define name" or making a data set of the column i need the info from might work?

Iknow, i know, there are softwares and apps that do exactly what i need which i already tried and proposed, but you know how it is... If the boss needs a wheel but wants it to be a square but equally functional you have to do your best to comply.:confused:


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So how many days do you need to show tasks on the calendar tab? a chosen week or fortnight?

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