Parallel Data in Multiple Sheets


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Aug 10, 2009
I have a multiple sheet tool that on the first sheet, the Welcome tab, I gather information and snapshot data at the bottom of the 6th page on the Welcome tab (sheet) that I want to populate on a different tab (sheet).

When I use the Ctl-C and paste it pulls the information over, but not the calculations. When I use paste special, it looks incorrect. I want to maintain all of the merged cells and have the second sheet exactly like the first sheet in regards to the number of cells and the width and height of them.

Alot of the calcs and cells from the first area where the information is gathered is linked to other areas using the IF function, but I am getting some #REF. As I look in the cells, they aren't referencing anywhere, as the link seems to be broken.
What is the best alternative to link the data in the first Welcome sheet to the second sheet?

I hope I am explaining myself well enough to come up with a conclusion.


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