Pivot Table count dates older than x days


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Mar 31, 2005

I have a table with columns...

- date a ticket was opened
- format = dd/mm/yyyy

- name of a group ticket was assigned to
- format = [text string]

- flags whether the ticket status is still open
- format = true/false

I currently have a pivot table set up, where

Columns =
- Opened (Year)
- Opened (Month)
- Opened

Rows =
- Group
- Active

Values =
- Count of Opened

The rows in the pivot table have a filter for "Active" where only "TRUE" values are selected.

Table works fine, but I would like to only count active records that were opened more than 10 days ago (to report aged record totals outstanding against support groups)

Note: I am aware of the Date Filter "is before", however this requires a specific date, whereas I would like older than 10 days from "today".

Note: the data is being cut/pasted from another source into a sheet on the spreadsheet, to keep things simple I do not want to include a helper column where data is being dumped in the event it get wiped or corrupted.

Note: I have PowerPivot activated, but have little experience with it and I am familiar with using VBA in excel.

I'm guessing, the options are;

1 - helper column that creates a true/false test of opened date older than today+10 (do not wish to implement this solution as stated above).

2 - some alternative to the "is before" data filter that I have yet to discover(?)

3 - a VBA function that applies a filter to the pivot table, please note the data will be used for other charts and stuff so cannot be directly manipulated.

4 - a powerpivot measure/calculated column that filters the data as required(?) - as I have no experience with powerpivot I would ask that any solution is dumbed down into novice level steps of implementation.

Your assistance with this challenge is most appreciated.


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