Pivot table date formatting


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I have a workbook with several pivot tables created from the same pivot cache. The dates in the original data table are formatted as mm/dd/yyyy (11/30/2018). All of the pivot tables, however, show the date as dd-mmm (30-Nov). I have gone into Field Settings and changed the number format to mm/dd/yyyy but it still displays dd-mmm.

In a month we will start another year's data and I'm fairly certain management will want to see 2019 somewhere in the date. How can I format the date so it displays properly?


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Noramlly I just use the Group function of the Pivot Table for Dates.
Right-Click on a Date, and then choose the Group By. Then Choose the suitable grouping levels.
Management may not care about specific days, and you may omit that selection or just collapse the rows to Months


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Most of the time I group the dates, too, but in this instance, specific dates are important. I just thought it was odd that the date format changed and would not allow me to adjust the format.


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It is odd. I guess MS figured that was duplication "no-no"
You can swap the "Month" for Year so previous Years for that month are easy to see.

However, to get the formatting done the way you want, you'll need to duplicate that date field.


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I never thought of duplicating the field. That shouldn't be too difficult to incorporate into the data.

Thank you

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