Please help! Simple quoting system in excel


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Dec 8, 2005
Hi there,
I'm new to Excel and have searched these forums for help but so far no luck. Therefore decided i'd register and ask for help! :biggrin:

I'm trying to build a simple variable data spreadsheet to help quote in digital printing.

So far i have a Stock Cost worksheet which lists a number of paper types and how much they cost per sheet.
I then have a Print Cost worksheet which has the click charge cost per sheet either single sided or double sided, black or full colour.

Now, this is the part i'm rusty on. I need to combine the data in a seperate sheet in order to calculate total cost per sheet (including stock and print cost) then need to have columns where i can add markup and quantity variables, and finally a subtotal cell which calculates all this.

The best way would be to have the fixed data (stock and print costs) in drop down menus (how do i do this?!) so that once selected, their relative values are incorporated into the final calculation.

Here is example of what i need...

'Dropdown Box for Stock' 'Dropdown Print Cost'
[Crusade Bond 135gsm (£0.05/sheet - hidden)] --- [£0.06]---------------

'Quantity' 'Markup' 'Subtotal'
[X*(0.05+0.06) =Y]------ [Y*Z%]-----------[=]

I hope this makes some sense!
Please please help! :wink: :wink:

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