Pop up alert when due date is reached / link cells of different sheets to one "main" sheet within same workbook


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Jul 9, 2019
Hi! This is my first time posting a thread so please be nice to me .. :cry:

I have a workbook with 11 sheets - sheets 1-10 have Due Dates (E7 - E50 = reserved for the due dates even though some sheets only have 3 rows filled with dates). Sheet 11 is supposed to be like a main/front page with a summary of the "Overdue" or "Close to being due" tasks from the other sheets. Is there a way to link them to the one sheet? Or a way for them to show up only if they are due/close to being due? (I was going to add the a "today" date in one of the cells on sheet 11)

I would also love to have pop ups for the tasks (tasks from all sheets!) that are overdue. I have no idea how to create that or if it's even possible?

And last but not least, I have a "completed on" column (G7 - G50 = again, not all cells will be used/might stay empty). Would it be possible that the completed by (date) basically erases the overdue pop up alert? So like once the "completed on" cell e.g. G8 is filled (because the task has been completed), the overdue alert/pop up for cell E8 will be suppressed and won't show up even though the due date might be past today's date (but because it has been "marked" as completed with a date, the alert won't apply)?

Sorry for all these questions.. and please let me know if I don't make sense .. I've been trying to work on this workbook for quite a while now and you have no idea how many things I have googled. :rolleyes:


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