Population of Multiple Templates from Workbook?


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Oct 8, 2019
Hi all,

I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me with the following:

1. I have a table of data with filters applied from which I would like to fill (and print) templates in another worksheet as quickly as possible. In other words, each week I input some more rows into this table and then need to copy that data into an existing template which is then printed off - and only from the selection I wish to print off that week. I'm looking to be able to do this in one action once I have populated the table - think of it like I put the data into the table, then click a button to have it print off a populated template per row. Unfortunately, mail merging is not an option as the existing Excel template must be used rather than Word. All columns of the table are filterable and may be sorted into different orders. How can I go about achieving this?

2. Possibly making this more complicated is the following: there are a handful of different types of requests that I track in the table, and each type must populate a different existing excel template. Would this be possible?

To hopefully illuminate, here's a little more detail - I have columns of the following rows:
1. Date received
2. Date processed - most crucial as I need to be able to print only a certain selection of the full table at once
3. Type of request (A/B/C/D)*
4. Then a number of other fields that don't need to affect filtering as long as they can be imported into the correct fields on the existing templates.

*the type of request will dictate which of several existing templates the data must be brought into - A will go to different fields on template A, B to different fields on template B, etc.

Now, think of me as a toddler when it comes to Excel knowledge; I'm barely familar with Vlookup. I don't want to have to use anyone's time too unfairly but my Google-fu has rather failed me at figuring this out (though I've encountered some recommendations of VBA, I've failed to yet understand them) - can anyone assist or point me in the correct direction?

I may not have explained this the most clearly so please do let me know if you need further information.

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