Possible formula for an audit?


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Dec 11, 2008
Hi, I am trying to do a quick audit on a report that shows how many personal days an employee might be forfeiting. By contract, they have to use 2 by a certain date or they will lose them. Workers do either 8 hour shifts or 10 hour shifts and so the Personal Day balance scales accordingly with a maximum of 4 days allowed, so either 32 hours or 40 hours. Newer employees earn PD's annually and so they might have an annual limit of just 1, so 8 or 10 hours. The thing is though, they have to use it, even though they have only earned the one. If they have the balance to take it up to 2 PD's, they are required.

The spreadsheet that I am looking has three columns of significance: Total Entitle(the max they get per year), Entitle Paid(how much they've used in current year), and Entitle Available(what remains).

I am wondering if there might be some kind of formula I could use that could encompass all types of allotments - whether they have 1 PD or 4 that could show who will be forfeiting time. Or maybe I might need several formulas for each allotment? 1 for the 1 PD another for a 3 PD, etc

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