Possible to pull data from a website to show count of unread faxes?


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hello, I am looking to see if it is possible to pull data into google sheets (or excel) directly from a website to show a live count of how many unread items there are.

This is for a business where we receive faxes through a system called SRFax.

My best guess for something like this would be somewhere in the websites coding where it shows this:

<tr id="row1" data-readkey="qR10b**T96zHnLsW8GnWlecL**2WgnNhLzhUN1B/xCOU**1ttMG5R7WlzoYNRULmXQPecJGe**OScQ1x1slpLX0xJakOmlNIMM6rCRmB5JsqASRh4aJZ/kWiOww=" class="data-row unreadLine">

I need to count how many items have that "unreadLine" value, and it would be over multiple pages (as each page only displays 100 faxes).

I'm unsure is this is even possible for google sheets, or for excel. Thank you for your assistance.

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May 24, 2005
This can (usually) be done, but websites can have code that makes it quite difficult. The technique is called Web Scraping (as in scrape not scrap). Google for 'Excel Web Scraping' and many sites are shown. This site Beginner’s guide to Web Scraping using Excel – ProWebScraper has a good walkthrough on the techniques for pulling data from a single page, but others will be needed to automate multi-page data retrieval.

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