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Hi, my company is prepared to put me through a Power BI course and have asked me to find a course that fits our needs:

> Preferably a week / 2 week classroom based intense course
> Certification included, Microsoft 70-779, MCSA or MCSE exams as part of the course
> Preferably a Microsoft gold partner accredited trainer

I already have a good understanding of excel and have a working but not expert knowledge of Dax / Power BI.

If anyone has recommendations or would like to highlight a flaw in the above that would be appreciated

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In terms of clarification:

70-779 is Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel

probably You have meant

70-778 is Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Certification path is:
778+779 = MCSA BI Reporting

As I have passed both exams some thoughts on content:
Power BI is harder one, as you need to know how administration of service in app.powerbi.com works and there are more complex models compared to Excel ones. Good DAX knowledge is a must, the same for Power Query, as exam is now focused on scenarios - you are not working in the tool as it was before. I have read Exam Preparation Book for 70-778 only. You can assume Excel version will be almost the same as Power BI one

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