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Jun 1, 2006
Hi guys

Hopefully I'm not breaking the rules by posting this question here...

Are Excel PowerPivots any good? worth me getting to grips with? (I'm now starting to use alot of data and pivots)

And completely free?

Be good to get your views if you know about these...



Derek Brown

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Dec 26, 2005


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Apr 29, 2014
Dont think about PowerPivot as an improved Pivot table in Excel. Its a complete different tool that uses Excel as Interface. With PowerPivot you can build a kind of cube with data from different sources, add calculations and create reports out of this. You can do this without much IT support within the business departments.

you should also have a look on this page to decide if its worth your time to test PowerPivot
What is PowerPivot? « PowerPivotPro

PowerPivot itself is free as long as you refresh the data yourself and use Excel as Report tool. If you want more automation, schedule the refresh of your PowerPivot files and show the results as Web reports you need a Sharepoint Enterprise Server that costs some money and a license for every user of the report. There are some other options beside Sahrepoint but all of them are not for free as well.

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