Power Query editor refresh running slowly, Microsoft Mashup Container running even when idle


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I have cleaned up a group queries that transform some data for monthly FP&A analysis we do. Without tedious detail we essentially take two exports and combine them into one, and then pull from each previous query (M-Code starts with a source like #"Join Pricing Data") to pull from that particular query. The setup works well and refreshes aren't too bad and well within my tolerant range. Where I have problems is when I go in to edit a query, the preview in the editor is VERY SLOW. In addition, I keep hearing my fan spin up and noticed that there are several instances of "Microsoft Mashup Evaluation Container", and at times, even when I haven't touched the keyboard in a while, those containers start using a ton of resources sometime to 100% CPU.

Does anyone know of possible causes (and fixes) to slow editor preview refreshes? Is it related to the heavy Evaluation Container usage? I have tried a few suggestions like putting some Table.Buffer onto some of the steps and have unchecked the Data Load setting in the Options pane. I am at a loss and everything working great except these editor refreshes holding me back while trying to make adjustments to the M statements.

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