Power Query from Google Sheets results in #DIV/0


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Mar 19, 2019
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I use Excel on a daily basis for work and have recently started playing around with Power Query for pulling in data from the internet. Haven't been able to find any info on this specific problem that I've been having.

Google Sheets has a handy finance function where you can get exchange rates for nearly every currency there is. Last week I was able to link this Google Sheet with automatically updated FX rates with a local Excel sheet with the Power Query function. It worked great last week and everything was working as I had expected. This week I wanted to expand the power query to also include daily rates (previously I was only pulling weekly) and so I made some changes to the google sheet, including adding an extra tab which had all the daily rates in it.

Whatever I did seemed to have broken the connection between the initial Power Query, and when re-linking, all I now get is a bunch of #DIV/0's in excel, although there are numbers in the google sheet. I attached two screenshots, one of the Google Sheet, the other of the Excel table the was created through Power Query.

Google Sheets:

Excel Power Query Table:

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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