Power Query / Pivot Tables doubles values


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Mar 21, 2019
Hi Everyone,

I could use some of the expert advise here. I am in the middle of large project where I encountered either the Pivot table or Power query are doubling the values.

What I am doing.
I am using Power Query to link to a folder to bring in mulitple years of data and create one large table. Then using Pivot tables to summaries monthly and yearly values.

The Problem.
Recently, I cleaned up some of the blank sales names within the 2019 data. However, once i refreshed the data all of the 2019 values are being double. The raw data file shows the total sum value of $5MM, refreshing the Pivot table it now shows $10MM. The same holds true for monthly values. April shows $549k but pivot table now shows just over $1MM. This is only true for the 2019 files where the Sales Names were updated. The remaining years are correct.

Is there way to prevent this? Does anyone know what causes this to happen. What would cause the raw data file to be one amount but the pivot to double the value?

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