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Jan 1, 2014

I have two tables in powerpivot and I need a calculation formula.

Im new with the PowerPivot world so please be gentle with me. :)

My data looks like that:

uniq order number | order price
1 | 500$
2 | 300$
3 | 100$
4 | 250&

order number | Time
3 | 1.5
3 | 2
1 | 5.2
2 | 2.33
1 | 4.5
4 | 1.22
3 | 1

I want to add a calculation column to table 2 that calculat the price for the relative record.
for example: the first record in table 2 sould return 22.2222

My calculation:
100/(1.5+2+1)*(Time column - first row)

* The "Time" column is the "time*24" (example: 02:30*24 = 2.5)

Thank you!

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Matt Allington

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Dec 18, 2014
You should not write a calculated column. Read my article here Calculated Columns vs Measures in DAX - Excelerator BI

Create a third table that contains all the unique order numbers. Join the 2 tables you have already to the new table. Create a pivot table and place the order number from the new table in the pivot on rows.

I can't understand the logic of your formula as written, but you can write a measure something like this

=sum(table2[time]) *max(table1[order price])

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