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I have a sheet with about 20 tables of data (one table per tenant), and I would like it to print as many of these tables as can fit on one sheet, but I don't want it to split any of the tables across two sheets. For example, if page 1 could feasibly fit 2.5 tables of data, I would want page 1 to print 2 tables, and table 3 to start on the 2nd page, and so on.

I would think there'd be a setting in which I could group a particular range of cells together so that they would always print on the same sheet, but I'm having trouble finding that setting. Is it in the "Print Area" settings?

How can I set this sheet up to print this way?


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Insert page breaks.

For ex. if table 3 starts in A31 then select A30 and insert one page break, this will force a new page after row 30.

Add other page breaks before the other tables.

Check with print preview.
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