Printing Dynamic Pivot Table


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Jun 12, 2018
I have 3 pivot tables on one worksheet that provide end users 3 different views of the department data they want to see. The end user selects the department and the data is filtered for the selected department. I want to provide the end user the ability to print the pivot table data if they desire. Each pivot table is dynamic, meaning the data size (print area) will change based upon the department selected. I created a dynamic named range and dynamic print area that works well for a single pivot table on a single worksheet. And I created a dynamic named range for each of the 3 pivot tables on the one worksheet. However, when on the worksheet with the 3 pivot tables I have not had success in creating a way to select and print only one table. It appears that Excel looks at the whole worksheet as the print area and not the individual named range I established for the table I want to print. Is it possible for an end user to print just one of the pivot tables when there's 3 pivot tables on one worksheet? The end game is to provide an easy end user experience such that Excel would print the table the user is in if they want it printed. Thanks for help.

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