Project Plan with successor and predecessor dates


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Jun 4, 2015
Good day,

Building out a project plan trying to pull in predecessor dates to the successor. I wrote a formula to count the "." in the task #. I wanted to pull the max end date of the successors of the predecessors. So for 1.9's end date would like to receive the end date for 1.9.1. The issue I face is writing something that looks at them in sections and not pull in the dates of the next set of successors tied to another predecessor. Any help? preferred not to write any VBA

#TaskLeadSuccessor>1StartEndDays% complete
1.8Training for Information Steward for MDM teamKris1 - 00%
1.9Compile findings to Identify what data meets that criteriaSonia1 - 00%
1.9.1Create rules in " Information Steward"Sonia2 - 00%
1.10Excute the Information Steward data profilingSonia1 - 00%
1.11Business reviews the output of the profiled data and identifies the cleansing tasks Data Steward1 - 00%
1.12Develop an plan to terminate drivers: Sonia1 - 00%
1.12.1Request to IT/Business cleanse the data Sonia2 - 00%
1.12.2Testing on QA2 Sonia2 - 00%
1.12.3Move to productionSonia2 - 00%
1.13Perform QA the Information Steward profiling, validate resultsSonia1 - 00%
1.14Continuation of data cleansing:Sonia1 - 00%
1.14.1Business requests to terminate Sonia2 - 00%
1.14.2Develops program to terminate in all places, not just FM (or build pgm earlier in step so the business can clean their own data) Sonia2 - 00%


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May 24, 2019
Hey there, I was having trouble understanding what exactly you are requesting. I'm not sure what predecessor date you are referring to. Can you explain it differrently and possibly show what you want it to show when it's working correctly


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Jun 4, 2015
I do not have end dates added yet but it would be added to the sheets.

Looking at 1.12 Develop a plan to terminate drivers, I would like to have it look at all the successors below, 1.12.1 - 1.12.3 and pull the max end date to the end date of 1.12 but not the dates for 1.13 or 1.14 and their successors of 1.14.1 & 1.14.2. Hope that makes more sense.

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