pulling data from tables based on criteria


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Feb 13, 2019

I have a workbook which contains a several different tabs all with a different persons stats. i was entering this manually but now i have managed to do an sql dump from the server with all the data i need.

i have created a tab called data dump where im going to copy and paste this from the server and then what i want to do is to create a number of formulas so that it will deposit that data in the correct tab based on the information that is in the table. The data dump table is below and Cell with "Owner" would be B1

OwnerTicket noCategoryLast ActivityAge Category
Name 112345WORK27/03/2019Less than 30 days
Name 2246810Home22/02/2019More than 30 days but less than 90
Name 336912Pub25/12/2018More than 90 days old


The table i want to send the data to based on that criteria is :

NameTickets less than 30 days old Tickets more than 30 but less than 90Tickets more than 90

Ticket no | Category | Last Actioned | Number of days oldTicket no | Category | Last Actioned | Number of days oldTicket no | Category | Last Actioned | Number of days old

the lines between ticket no & category etc indicate a new cell - it wont let me put it on the way i have it.

So is there anyway to make it deposit the data for Dan in the tab that says Dan but then split it into 3 categories "less than 30, more than 30 but less than 90, more than 90" and then deposit the data in the correct cell?

So the plan is when i simply copy and paste the data dump from SQL to excel, it will automatically update all of the tables in the spreadsheet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


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