Purchase Order System - VBA for new worksheet from template with PO number auto generated


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Nov 18, 2013
I am part way through creating a Purchase Order system.

I have so far:
- One workbook
- First worksheet 'Suppliers' is a list of suppliers with all supplier data
- Second worksheet 'Template' is the PO template which uses Data Validate to choose supplier details from a drop down list.

I want to:
- Be able to create a new PO (i.e. create a new worksheet) from the 'Template' via a macro button which will be place on the 'Supplier' worksheet
- Have the date auto fill when the new PO (i.e. new worksheet from 'Template') is created
- Have a new PO number auto-create when a new PO is created (ideally the PO number will begin with the supplier initials e.g. Bunnings PO's will be BUN01, BUN02, BUN03)
- Have a macro button that will automatically save out / open the new PO as a PDF

I know this is a big ask. I have some macro experience but really need some help with this task.

Much appreciated, ooos9272


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Jul 8, 2012
There are companies out there that you can hire to do this kind of project. You are asking for an entire system to be built for you. That is a lot of code that takes hours to accomplish. This is something you should seek out from a company that specializes in this. Also, various off the shelf products/programs do this for you, such as Quickbooks, as an example.

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