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Form called Input Allotments that shows the current funds of one state.
Subform that shows all that states transactions: master_data_auto_fiscal_year_subform based on a Query.
Query: Master_Data_auto_fiscal_year it has all the fields from the MasterData table
The query takes the date entered and breaks it down to Monthnum field, then a field called: FY: IIf([monthnum]<10,Year([DATE]),Year([DATE])+1) this gives me the fiscal year in field FY.

How do you get FY to auto populate FiscalYear field?


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FieldMonthnum: Month ([Date])FY: IIf([monthnum]<10,Year([DATE]),Year([DATE])+1)DateFiscalYearREVISED_ALLOTMENTS


Nothing happens but asks me what I want FY to be when you run the query.
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You have to have a field pre set-up in your table to hold this value to hold this value (FY).
Then in your Update Query, you would place the calculation on the "Update To" line of this FY field.
If you look closely at the link I showed you, it shows you some examples and some example calculations.

You probably will also want to add criteria under this FY field to only update records where this field is empty (Is Null), so if you run this query multiple times, you are only updating new records that have a blank in this field.


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Ok I was able to update records based on Parent Child just had to manually type in each field I wanted to do. As well as there is a limit to how many parent/child relationships but it was enough to "auto fill" what I was looking for.

Go to the form, edit mode, click on the sub form you are wanting to auto fill based on form. go to Data. See the Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields. When you select this you get three boxes to link up. You can however add more fields by putting a ; with now spaces after the last field listed and keep adding. Remember to add the same to both Parent and Child if you skip one you may have data in the wrong field.

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