Raffle Number Values (300+) live and linked in AutoFormat/Smartart. I need suggestions.


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Jun 19, 2015
First post, used this site in the shadows throughout my career.

The local alumni association use old, physical, heavy boards to display numbers 1-300 for a reverse raffle; last number pulled wins pot, prizes along the way.

I currently have a neat workbook, I need to have numbers still playing linked live to a display to put on a monstrous tv. Pasting them into SmartArt looks great, handles the 300 numbers well, but does not auto-update (link cell to the text field) as numbers are pulled. I would love to have the autoformat throughout the drawing to the last few numbers in a live fashion, even if using an outside program (Corel Draw or SWiSH Max3). The numbers would be small at first (like the physical board numbers) but would fill the screen nicely as fewer are left. I would also love to have the latest small pot winner, as well as the last 5+ loser tickets, and ticket-count still playing, at bottom of screen in a separate layer... All of these ideas live in a cell currently, I simply need to display it in a pretty fashion.

Additional info

The user simply lists numbers in a single column. The doc is programmed to which pull is winner/loser. It is able to be customized: up to 500 tickets, referenced to first/last names, address, and year graduated, as well as adjusting pulls win/lose with amounts. The doc reads the latest winner (every tenth ticket $25/$50 winner) and it reads the last seven losers (numbers/names).

Lastly, the doc lists all of the numbers still playing. It is a monstrous list at first, in order, and I have it concatenating into one cell (without empty values and extra commas - I feel like a wizard) The list whittles down to the very last, sole, number.

It does all of this automatically, all the user (myself) does is list the numbers physically pulled on the tickets. But it needs to be on the big screen. I've come so far, but Excel does not allow nifty cells to be linked live to SmartArt, the powerful, pretty, auto-formatting text field...

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