re:What is the best way to find matches between two columns.

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Nov 10, 2005
re:What is the best way to find matches between two columns.

I haven’t used Excel that much - a newbie. I’ve tried to search the forum, but am unable to put all of the pieces together for what I’d like to do. I assume the “fuzzy match” code is, in part, what I need.

I have two sheets having varying numbers of records created from different sources. I want to compare sheet 1 to find matching records to sheet 2. Each record in both sheets will have a product name and a product number column - the fields to be used for comparison. I want to determine which records in sheet 1 match records in sheet 2. The following information applies:

• sheet 1 will undoubtedly contain fewer records than sheet 2 (possibly several hundred vs. 10,000 plus);
• The product name may not be unique to the product number, i.e. multiple names (thus multiple products) could exist for one product number;
• The names may be written differently between the two sheets, yet they still could be a match if the number is the same;
• Some product numbers may have additional digits on the end, but could still be a match if the name matches.

Is the FuzzyMatch code all that is needed to address my problem? What modifications are needed in the code to compare two fields instead of one? It’s unclear to me what text (variables) in the fuzzy match code need to be changed to user defined information. I can follow it a little, but I haven't had much programming experience. Can these be highlighted somehow? Any additional help is appreciated!

I tried to show an example of my table a couple of weeks ago at, but it didn’t turn out very good. Any help in making this legible with htmlmaker would also be appreciated.


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Feb 17, 2002
I removed the code from your old post; the page is back to normal, now.

Please read the HTML Maker FAQ before you try it again :)

That said, please continue in your original post--you've already had one response there. If you reply to the thread, it will be "bumped" back to the top of the forum listing.
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