Referencing to worbooks with dates in the worbooktitle


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Dec 10, 2009
Hi all,

I have a worksheet that i copy production data in. Each production process is in a row and in the columns i have the production of each day of the week and some derivate functions as 'in stock' etc. The production is for each calendar date.

The data are in a sheet that i get every day. The sheet is always of the same structure with -of course- different production values. The dataworkbook contains one sheet and has the same structure as my main workbook. Every day i get the datasheet via mail and it always has the same name.

I want to make formulas in the cells in my main where the data from the dataworkbook should be pasted. I want to make a formula which references to the dates on top of the columns and that recognizes a date reference in the dataworkbooks. The name of a dataworkbook will be something along the lines of '20100419productiondata.xls'. So the formula should look for the date on top of the column in the mainworkbook, compare that to the date in all the names of all the dataworkbooks and then refer to the right cell. Now, referring to the specific cells i can do, but referring from the formula to the filename is far beyond me. Could anyone help me please?

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