Reformatting or consolidating multiple worksheets for summary


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Oct 16, 2011
Hi All

I have a workbook where each tab represents a country. Within that, it shows the same functions and items per client.

I need to summarise the data across all sheets to extract key pieces of information without having to reformat the sheets. I inherited the workbook so don't want to re-invent the wheel.

The way it is formatted at the moment it's difficult to pivot on due to the way it has been structured. I have looked at Get & Transform tutorials but again, can't see how I can relate and condense all info the way I need it.

Here's an example of how it is set out -starting from column B. Column A I haven't included but there's a merged cell to catagorize the function. All the below items fall under a header called 'General Information':

Incumbent PartnerCompany ACompany A
Partner Contact BM
Contact E-Mail
Client Contact
Contact E-Mail
Account mgr
Contact E-Mail
Receiving Partner
Partner BMN/AN/A
Contact E-Mail
Annual $ Spend$50,000$100,000
Annual Air Transactions500900
Annual Hotel Transactions22
Annual Car Transactions00
Annual Rail Transactions99
Total Transactions511911
Other Countries Serviced
Target Transition Date

<colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody>

I need to summarise by:
then by item as needed

Any advice on structure or what method to consolidate will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
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