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Hi.. I am looking for suggestion / guidance on the best approach.

I have a user form that users can register for classes. They select they name and class they want. They can also go in and delete entry later if they decide not to take class. This works great. I want to make some enhancements. In table that holes the classes I added fields that holds the about of slots available for each class and another field that holds number of slots taken. Then I based a query of that table and added expression to calculate the difference. Basically number of slots remaining.

The goal is so users can see whether or not class slots are available. Once the max is reached I don't want users to be able to add or signup. But would like them to see if any slots available or not per class.

Does anyone have any suggestion on this approach? Perhaps a sample code with something similar. I would post my sample excel file along with my access data file but I am not allowed to.

Thanks in advance.

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