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Feb 1, 2003
I have a form called f30ProjMaster with a continuous subform called f40ProjectMain.

On the main form f30ProjMaster there is an Edit button that allows edits to main and subform.

Now the issue...

When I am in the subform record that is not the first record, say record 3 and click the edit button, the record moves the first subform.

How can I make the subform stay on the record I am viewing?

code for edit buton...
If (Me.ProjMasterStatusID <> 5) Or IsNull(Me.ProjMasterStatusID) Then
Me.AllowEdits = True
Me.AllowAdditions = Me.AllowEdits
Me.AllowDeletions = Me.AllowEdits
Me.btnDelMaster.Visible = Me.AllowEdits
Me.btnMasterCloseDt.Visible = Me.AllowEdits
MsgBox "Cannot edit a closed Project"
Exit Sub
End If

Me!f40ProjectMain.Form.AllowEdits = Me.AllowEdits
Me!f40ProjectMain.Form.AllowAdditions = Me.AllowEdits
Me!f40ProjectMain.Form.AllowDeletions = Me.AllowEdits

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