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Nov 18, 2009
I have a work book with a tab labeled Training with about150 training topics.
I then have a calendar with each month its own separate tab.
What I would like to do is, put a pull down box of thetraining topics in each day of each month that requires training and then oncea training topic has been selected, then that topic is removed from the dropdown list so that its not available to be selected on another training day.
Thanks is advance for any help.


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Jul 5, 2014
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We would need a lot more details.
You have two different workbooks?

Or are we only dealing with One Workbook.

And then you have one Worksheet named Training and then a separate sheet for each Month of the year.

How are these sheets named?

Then you want a:
put a pull down box "Your words"

What is a Pull down Box?

Do you mean a Data Validation list?

And you want a Data Validation list in all columns of each Monthly sheet.
Do you already have this part done?

And if you select Math from the list you want Math removed from the Data Validation List ?

We would need to know in what columns of the 12 sheets are these Data Validation list.

I would assume each sheet would have 7 column since there are 7 ways in the week.

So would this be columns(1) to (7) of Each of the Monthly sheets?

See these are the details we would need to help you.

Please be sure and answer all questions. This keeps us from having to ask the same questions again.
And I never open files posted on this forum. So please do not say: Here is a link to my file just open the file and see my setup.
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