Repeat until no same value exists?


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Mar 27, 2013
Hi all,

Could someone please help me with the following problem as i am getting to the point where i am looking for a workaround and i really dont want that.

I have data that needs to be deleted when 2 values match. I have managed to do this the data is not together i have to sort on the column first and then run the marco to delete the cells.

I could just keep on copying the macro down for it to repeat itself but surley there is another way?

What i want to do is for the marco to carry on until it cannot find anymore same value figures.

I have looked at myrow = active.cell but i am not very good at this VBA stuff.

your help would save me my hair! many thanks

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Could you post the macro you are using?

I think 2007 has the remove duplicates function built-in.

Look in the Data Tab in the Data Tools section.
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Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Val"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-1]<0,RC[-1]*-1,RC[-1])"
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Offset(0, 0).Select
If ActiveCell = "" Then
End If

Loop Until ActiveCell.Offset(1, -1) = ""

ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Data").Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("J2:J5000"), _
SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal
With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Data").Sort

If ActiveCell.Value = "ACCL" Then
If ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3).Value = ActiveCell.Offset(1, 3).Value Then
If ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Value + ActiveCell.Offset(1, 2).Value = 0 Then
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 6).Select
End If
End If
End If
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Loop Until ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0) = ""

The problem is that after i have deleted the cells that match, i will need to sort again on column "J" and then run the above again.

Hope this makes sense?
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Did you look at the remove duplicates function?

When using a macro to delete values in a range you should loop backwards otherwise you will miss some values.

Could you post some sample data from your workbook so that I have something to work with?
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sorry i cant find it, but ther data would look like this.

Column A B C
Description Value Value 2
sdafasdf 100 100 These 2 lines would be deleted
dasfdfda -100 100 "" "" "" "" ""
ffssdafs 200 200 This line wouldnt because the formular is only looking at the 2 lines below
fdsasdd 300 300 Same goes for this one, meaning i would have to sort on column "C" and run again.
fadfdasf -200 200
gfsgfsg -300 300

Sorting on column "C" would work before the marco is run but once the macro runs i need to pick up any stragglers and the only way to do that is to sort on column "C" again and run the delete bit of the marco again?
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But your Macro refers to columns G, I & J

To avoid confusion, could you post a sample of these columns. Obviously you can change the values but keep the formatting.
Your macro seems to be comparing the Value in J & Row to J & Row + 1 and if they are the same then checking to see if the same rows in column I equal zero.

In your example you have posted columns A to C and you want to compare column B to C in the same row.

Because of the mismatch in information it's not very clear what you would like.
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Nom F/DDivActAct No.PeriodBatch TypeDescriptionFinancial ValueVal
B153ENTGNEUC0178ACCLDescription 15308.165308.16
B153FDRJ8H201898ACCLDescription 27204.007204.00
B153ENTGNEUE9788ACCLDescription 38206.128206.12
B153FDRJ8H201898ACCLDescription 49999.009999.00
B153ENTGNEUC0178ACCLDescription 5-5308.165308.16
B153FDRJ8H201898ACCLDescription 6-7204.007204.00
B153ENTGNEUE9788ACCLDescription 7-8206.128206.12
B153FDRJ8H201898ACCLDescription 8-9999.009999.00

<colgroup><col style="width: 29pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1426;" width="39"> <col style="width: 26pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1280;" width="35"> <col style="width: 20pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 987;" span="2" width="27"> <col style="width: 40pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1938;" width="53"> <col style="width: 35pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1682;" width="46"> <col style="width: 58pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2816;" width="77"> <col style="width: 207pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 10093;" width="276"> <col style="width: 77pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3730;" span="2" width="102"> <tbody>

Sorry try this, this is from column "A" to "J" hope it makes sense?
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