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Nov 9, 2005

This is (I believe a really easy question) I just can't seem to think straight...

In my excel spreadsheet, I basically want to search the whole spreadsheet for one word, ex. DOG and replace it with the word, DOG in Bold.

Any help with replacing with a format I would really appreciate.

Thanks much

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Welcome to MrExcel - will DOG be the only thing in the cell, or might there also be a cell holding

Beware of dog ...

that would also require bolding?
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Is DOG the only text in the cell?

If so then you could use conditional formatting.
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Actuallly it would be something like Beware of Dog...

and I would only want Dog to be bolded in the cell

Beware of Dog

Thanks again
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<font face=Courier New><SPAN style="color:#00007F">Sub</SPAN> foo1()
<SPAN style="color:#00007F">Dim</SPAN> FirstAddress <SPAN style="color:#00007F">As</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">String</SPAN>, c <SPAN style="color:#00007F">As</SPAN> Range, Tgt <SPAN style="color:#00007F">As</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">String</SPAN>, i <SPAN style="color:#00007F">As</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Integer</SPAN>
Tgt = Application.InputBox("Enter your target now: ", , , , , , , 2)
Application.ScreenUpdating = <SPAN style="color:#00007F">False</SPAN>
<SPAN style="color:#00007F">With</SPAN> Cells
    <SPAN style="color:#00007F">On</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Error</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Resume</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Next</SPAN>
    <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Set</SPAN> c = .Find(Tgt, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart)
    <SPAN style="color:#00007F">If</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Not</SPAN> c <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Is</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Nothing</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Then</SPAN>
        FirstAddress = c.Address
        <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Do</SPAN>
            <SPAN style="color:#00007F">If</SPAN> c.HasFormula = <SPAN style="color:#00007F">True</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Then</SPAN>
            <SPAN style="color:#00007F">ElseIf</SPAN> Len(c.Value) = Len(Tgt) <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Then</SPAN>
                c.Font.Bold = <SPAN style="color:#00007F">True</SPAN>
            <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Else</SPAN>
                i = InStr(1, c.Value, Tgt)
                c.Characters(i, Len(Tgt)).Font.Bold = <SPAN style="color:#00007F">True</SPAN>
            <SPAN style="color:#00007F">End</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">If</SPAN>
            <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Set</SPAN> c = .FindNext(c)
        <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Loop</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">While</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Not</SPAN> c <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Is</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Nothing</SPAN> And c.Address <> FirstAddress
    <SPAN style="color:#00007F">End</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">If</SPAN>
<SPAN style="color:#00007F">End</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">With</SPAN>
Application.ScreenUpdating = <SPAN style="color:#00007F">True</SPAN>
<SPAN style="color:#00007F">End</SPAN> <SPAN style="color:#00007F">Sub</SPAN>


Limited testing.

Will not alter dog which is a result of formulas.
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