Replicating specific cell data into active cell


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Aug 5, 2017

I am designing on Excel 2011 for Mac but the results will need to work on Excel 07 and newer.

I have been asked to develop a teaching tool for my company's training department. I have the general layout designed. It's an 11x11 grid, 2 grids actually on 2 worksheets: (B2:L12) on both the ANSWERS tab and the QUESTIONS tab.

I want the trainees to be able to select a specific cell in the QUESTIONS grid and with the help of a formula (if possible) or (probably more likely) a macro, what should happen is the active cell on the QUESTIONS tab will display the symbol that is in the same cell within the ANSWERS tab. (If H4 on the ANSWERS tab has a star, the star will appear in H4 of the QUESTIONS tab).

I tried looking up examples but was unsuccessful. Basically the symbol that appears for the trainee will determine the question they will have to answer from the trainer.

First, can this be done with a formula to avoid VBA? I am one of the top 3 employees in terms of VBA knowledge (and what does that say since I am asking for help building a code) so if VBA can be avoided at all, that would be great.

Secondly, if a formula is impossible, would this even be possible through VBA coding?

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.

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Excel Facts

Which Excel functions can ignore hidden rows?
The SUBTOTAL and AGGREGATE functions ignore hidden rows. AGGREGATE can also exclude error cells and more.


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Aug 5, 2017
I forgot one thing…

I also have audio files in the spreadsheet that I would like to incorporate when the symbol appears. Just to jazz it up. Can that be added in so once the symbol populates in the QUESTIONS cell, the sound plays simultaneously?

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