Report Format Macro that can run from any Excel workbook


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Aug 30, 2020
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Newbie post alert!
I have plenty of experience with XLAM add-in libraries to enrich Excel function.
I have also written report formatting code for re-used reports.
Now I am stuck trying to do something different:

I receive a data file that I want to structure and format in a standard and attractive way: moving data, text formatting, colour, boxes etc.
The file I receive is a simple XLS file.
I have written macro in such a file to get the arranging of the data in the format I want.

The problem is how can I take the arranging and formatting code into an add-in that can be used with each new XLS data file update?

I can create an XLAM file and save it in the default AddIns directory.
But this is not an in-cell function.
The first function in my code is to have the user select a report file to be formatted.
I need some way of running the formatting code outside of the report file: an object that runs the code to open a selected file, format it and print /save the finished report.

I appreciate any help you can provide - I am sure it is doable but outside of my experience.

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