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Oct 8, 2008
Hello All~

I created and administer an MS Access DB. Back End sits on a Network Drive, 20+ End Users have the Front End on their respective Desktops. The Application has a Reporting Tool where the user has the option of selecting and running about 20 or so different reports.

Currently I keep the queries for these reports with the front end -- the back end only has the tables. Is there a best practice here? If moved the queries to the back end, I wouldn't have to issue a new front end every time I change or add a report, but I wonder if there are downsides that I'm missing?


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Jul 16, 2010
Your back end should only contain tables, no queries or reports.

even if you had the reports in the BE you would need to release a new FE every time in order to link to the the new report.

In terms of queries, a method i use fairly successfully is to have a table with all my queries in it, on the FE I have combo listing them where the user selects a query and runs it, I have one 'shell' query that I update the definition in VBA and display the results to the user. This generally opens in read only mode (I have a flag on the table allowing them to be read/write) but generally wouldn't give FE users write permission to a query. Happy to share a stripped down version of this for info.
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Sep 25, 2012
Another possible solution would be to add a version check.

On the backend I have a table with updates. One column with the update description and one column with the update date.
In the front-end there is also a table in which I place the most recent update date.

The date in the front-end has to match the newest date on the back-end. If it does not, then the database does not open with the regular form, but it opens on a form that warns the database is out of date. This form also includes instructions from where and how to replace the database.

The back-end must be copied to a local drive. To make sure everyone does so, I have created a query that checks the database is not running from the shared drive. If the database is opened from the shared drive, then a form will open explaining them to copy the database to their local drive.


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Oct 8, 2008
Thanks for the suggestions guys -- I do a version of both of your ideas -- appreciate the feedback.

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