Reset Excel 2010 default print settings for worksheets?


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May 31, 2009
Morning all,
Is there any known way to counteract/reset this printing issue?
Print options in Excel are applied per worksheet
In short (well...), The office printer is set to double-sided/eco-print as default, but the documents I produce have to be single-sided to they can be scanned uniformly with supporting (single sided) paperwork. I had I.T. set me up a version of the printer that does what I need, but every other day or so my default printer switches back. Not a problem since I only need to change the default and I'm good to go, but it's at the root of what's happened here.
I've got a workbook (Excel 2010) with 23 worksheets in it (extra sheets added/removed occasionally), and noticed the default print settings change on certain sheets. The file is a set of template documentation, which always consists of Sheet 1 and one of the other 22 worksheets. When the document is completed and printed out, if the 'second' sheet is one of the ones with different settings, then I'm getting half of the paperwork with one lot of settings, and half in the other.
The worksheets the issue is affecting are ones that I altered a few days ago in a revision to the template, and I'm guessing that my default printer must have been set to 'eco' at the time of saving the file. I've tried tweaking cells on the affected worksheets and saving it, but they're still printing with the settings I don't want.
Is there a way of 'flattening out' the print settings for the entire workbook? Only the Microsoft article doesn't seem to mention it, if there is.
Thanks in advance,
(Also, apologies for the lack of clear linebreaks; the 'Your message' box isn't letting me enter any by hitting Enter/Return. Don't know if this is a default forum setting or the awful browser I have at work with a bare minimum of plugins installed.)

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