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i have two columns and each column has a text sentence. I just need to create a third column that shows only the words that do not exist in both cells.

If John wants to if john doesjohn if he can might if he canwants to does he can might


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Here's a UDF you can try. After you install it, you can use it like a worksheet function as in the example below.
Excel Workbook
1If John wants to if john doesjohn if he can might if he can

To install the UDF:
1. With your workbook active press Alt and F11 keys. This will open the VBE window.
2. In the project tree on the left of the VBE window, find your project and click on it.
3. On the VBE menu: Insert>Module
4. Copy the UDF from your browser window and paste it into the white space in the VBE window.
5. Close the VBE window and Save the workbook. If you are using Excel 2007 or a later version do a SaveAs and save it as a macro-enabled workbook (.xlsm file extension).
6. Use the UDF as you would any native Excel function.
7. Make sure you have enabled macros whenever you open the file or the code will not run.
Function NotInBoth(S1 As String, S2 As String) As String
Dim V1 As Variant, V2 As Variant, i As Long, j As Long, d As Object
V1 = Split(S1, " ")
V2 = Split(S2, " ")
Set d = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
For i = LBound(V1) To UBound(V1)
    For j = LBound(V2) To UBound(V2)
        If LCase(V1(i)) = LCase(V2(j)) Then
            Exit For
        ElseIf j = UBound(V2) Then
            If Not d.exists(V1(i)) Then d.Add V1(i), d.Count + 1
        End If
    Next j
Next i
For i = LBound(V2) To UBound(V2)
    For j = LBound(V1) To UBound(V1)
        If LCase(V2(i)) = LCase(V1(j)) Then
            Exit For
        ElseIf j = UBound(V1) Then
            If Not d.exists(V2(i)) Then d.Add V2(i), d.Count + 1
        End If
    Next j
Next i
If d.Count > 0 Then
    NotInBoth = Join(d.keys, " ")
    NotInBoth = ""
End If
End Function

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