Return the current quarter between two dates


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Feb 1, 2018
Hello Excel Gurus!
I'm trying to find a simple formula to give me the currentquarter between two dates. I have to do quarterly performance evaluations on mypersonnel; however, the traditional fiscal year quarters work for works for thepersonnel I have that have been here since 10/1/2018. For the personal I getthroughout the year, they have truncated years. The evaluation period ends on9/30/2019 for everyone, regardless of when they started. But of course, theystill require the same quarterly reviews. Therefore, someone who I’ve had willget a review every 3 months, on the traditional quarters; however, someone elsemight get a review every month if they started in June (4 months before the endof the review period), so that they have all 4 performance reviews.

What I am trying todo is have a formula (similar to:” =ROUNDUP(MONTH(ref)/3,0)”) that will tellme, based on the current date, what quarter the person is, based on the staticend date (9/30/2019) and their start date (which obviously varies.
Thank you all in advance


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Oct 24, 2012
4 reviews in 9 months
so no reviews from 1st Oct to 31st Dec
and every one has 4 reviews

so if i had a start date of Jan
I get a review
1 = Jan - Mar
2 = Apr - Jun
3 = Jul - Oct
4 = ?????

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