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I am trying to figure out if there is a way I can return a value from an adjacent cell based on a selection. This is an example of what I am trying to do:

I have a worksheet label "1" in which is need to calculate billing amounts for items which need to be selected from a list. Then I have another worksheet label "LE Rates", which I have a list of items in Column A and a cost per each item in Column B. So I would like to be able to enter this formula in cell C21 in worksheet "1" =A1, and then in cell F21 I would need a formula that based on the selection that is chosen in cell C21, it would return the corresponding value, so in this instance it would return the value in cell B1 from worksheet "LE Rates". If I were to choose =A15 in cell C21, it would return the value in cell F21 as whatever the value is in B15, and so on.

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If you enter =A1 in sheet "1" cell C21 as soon as you hit return it will display the value of cell A1 of worksheet "1".
You need to type 'A1 in C21 (note the apostrophe).

Once you've entered 'A1 in C21 use this formula

in Sheet1!F21
=INDIRECT("'LE Rates'!"&C21)

Why not just enter the description of the item in C21 ?
Then you can use

in Sheet1!F21
=VLOOKUP(C21,'LE Rates'!A$1:B$1000,2,0)
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I am trying to make it so someone can just go select and item in column A in worksheet LE Rates, and avoid typing in descriptions, since there will be a lot of them. Would creating a dropdown list in cell C21 from the list in Column A, work?

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