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Mar 13, 2017
Hi everyone,

We create a lot of letters for clients and often find ourselves writing out much the same thing from scratch. I'm looking for a way to paste the text from the letters I write into a database spreadsheet, let's say column A, and characterise them with, say, up to 10 relevant keywords in column B, let's say "high-turnover" "retail" "marketing" (ideally with a Description and Category column for completeness). Then, when I am next writing a letter for a high-turnover retail client about marketing I would like to be able to type these same keywords into a retrieval function in separate sheet and have the template database searched for the letter template most relevant to those keywords, where it could readily be copied and pasted into a letter. Of course, over time it is likely that I will end up with more than one template matching a given set of keywords, and similarly I may make searches for more keywords than I have assigned to any one individual template. In these circumstances I'd look for a list of multiple templates to be returned in order of the largest number of keywords matched, from which I could manually choose the most appropriate. I'd also like to be able to stipulate that a given keyword must be matched.

DescriptionCategoryKeywordsLetter Text
IntroductionSalutationswelcome, hello, I'm letter template A
Dogs vs CatsChoicesdogs, cats, comparison, choiceI'm letter template B
DogsInformationdogs, feeding, walking, grooming, breedingI'm letter template C
CatsInformationcats, feeding, breeding, care, temperamentI'm letter template D


Keyword Search:
Keywords:dogs, feeding, breeding


Best Matches:
Keywords Matched:DescriptionCategoryKeywordsLetter Text
3DogsInformationdogs, feeding, walking, grooming, breedingI'm letter template C
2CatsInformationcats, feeding, breeding, care, temperamentI'm letter template D


I hope that comes across clearly enough... does anyone have any ideas how it could work? I'm fairly Excel literate but have never attempted anything like this. Keen to try and keep it to Excel + VBA for the ease of use and distribution.

I appreciate everyone's contributions!

Many thanks.

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