Ribbon and Quick Access Buttons not executing macros assigned to them


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May 31, 2012
Yesterday, I noticed that my custom "Close without Saving" button stopped working. I checked the VBA editor and my Personal workbook was missing and all of my personal macros were gone. I restarted excel, same issue. Rebooted my machine and they re-appeared. Not sure how what happened, but at least the Personal workbook was not lost. I'm working off my company's network, so often I get the "Personal Workbook is locked for editing" message. I usually select the open as read-only file and go about my merry way. Perhaps I clicked something different on accident without paying attention.

Anyway, I digress, the custom macro button that I had in my ribbon still didn't work, so I removed it and tried again in both the ribbon and the quick access toolbar with no success. The Macro executes if I execute it manually or via the keyboard shortcut, but the ribbon/quick access toolbar buttons won't work. Frustrating, because I use this quite often. I've even tried writing a quick "dummy" macro to see if it was some sort of code error related to the macro, but got the same result. My "Close without saving" code is below (super basic code).

Sub Close_Without_Saving()​
' Close_Without_Saving Macro​
' Closes active workbook without saving changes.​
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+q​
ActiveWorkbook.Close (False)​
End Sub​

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