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Apr 3, 2018
Hi all,

First off; I'm new here, so apologies beforehand if I'm not adhering to every convention on this forum...

OK. my challenge is the following: I was asked to create a schedule screen for the cart supplying our production lpines form the warehouse. They have a paper schedule on a messageboard now, but as the driver cannot check this, it often happens that production lines are over- or understocked. The screen will have to display the production line to be currently supplied, with a countdown timer, with underneath the following 3 lanes to be supplied, rolling up when the timer reaches zero, all the way to the end of the working day.

I have created a dynamic schedule file, taking into account the (variable) amount of lines, (variable) runtimes for supplying each line and fixed break times, which supplies a separate file that will be the display on the screen. It might be (over?)complicated, but it's now running completely reliably, after ironing out many, many bugs.

The second file has in one tab the day's schedule (fed by the first file) and another tab has the 'screen'.

I'm using two files, because the schedule file should be accessible while the other one will run the screen on a dedicated PC.

Using shameless copy and paste, I was able to get a countdown timer running in a 3rd file through a macro (to be run on the screen PC), which feeds the counter in the screen file for now.

And that's where I'm at right now.

So here's my problem: I am a complete VBA noob, and although I (usually) understand the logic in macro's I look into, I do not know where to start making the above happen.

That being, getting the rolling up of the lines on the large screen working according to the schedule I made, with each roll-up triggered by the countdown timer reaching zero.

I hope the above was clear enough and someone will be able to at least point me in the right direction...

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