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Oct 19, 2006

I have made a report i access with rowdetails down the left side of my report, and data on the right side in a subform. When data is too large, the report is shown on several pages, which offcource is allright, but I loose the rowdetails on the left side of my report on pages after page one. How do I keep my left rowdetails on every page off my report when there is more than one reportpage?

Thank you for answering!


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Aug 5, 2003
Hi Jeppe, welcome to the Board!

Just to clarify:
1. You have a report with row details in the Detail section of the report.
2. Into the Detail section you have inserted a subreport, linked to the ID of the record in the Detail section.
3. Sometimes you have too much data in the subreport and it runs to more than one page. At this point, you don't see the data in the left side of the report.

Is this correct?

If so, you can probably fix it by changing the layout of the report: some options will be more suitable than others, depending on what you need.

Note: the fields in the Detail section will only appear once for each record. You can't change that.

The first thing that I would try, is to
(a) reduce the font size of the subreport
(b) Place it below the main report fields, and adjust it to take up the full width of the report.

If you can make this work, it is possibly the best solution for you.
Otherwise, you will need to group by the data in the Detail section, put the fields that you normally display in the Detail section into both the group header and the Page header, and use code ot suppress the Page Header for new records so you don't get the info duplicated at the start of the new record.
This can work, but you will most likely be restricted to one record per page.


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