"Run Time error '9' - Subscript out of range"


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Yes certainly. Here you go:

Option Explicit
Dim TopicCount As Integer
Dim CurrentTopic As Integer
Dim HelpSheet As Worksheet

Const AppName As String = "Clares Automated Pricing System"
Const HelpSheetName As String = "HelpSheet"
Const HelpFormCaption As String = AppName

Private Sub Help()
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
'Executed before the form is shown
Dim Row As Integer
Set HelpSheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(HelpSheetName)
TopicCount = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(HelpSheet.Range("A:A"))
For Row = 1 To TopicCount
ComboBoxTopics.AddItem HelpSheet.Cells(Row, 1)
Next Row
ComboBoxTopics.ListIndex = 0
CurrentTopic = 1
End Sub


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I think that you need to use Public declarations for the form to be able to see them
Option Explicit
Public TopicCount As Integer
Public CurrentTopic As Integer
Public HelpSheet As Worksheet

Public Const AppName As String = "Clares Automated Pricing System"
Public Const HelpSheetName As String = "HelpSheet"
Public Const HelpFormCaption As String = AppName



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Thanks now have got it working. I initially had it in the personal workbook, however I have now placed it in the workbook that I am working in and works ok. Thanks for you patience and help

Kindest Regards all

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