Running VBA code from Access database recordset


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Mar 30, 2017
I'm running a project right now that has grown beyond what it was ever intended too.

This is an Excel VBA application used within a single dept. Every user should be opening the file from a single location and always be running the latest version, this however isn't happening.

What I'm looking at doing is storing my subs in an access database (no access to SQL server), this way I can update the sub in the database and everytime it's run it's the sub I intended the user to run.

Let say for instance form frmFormName on form load grabs the code required from Access database, stores it whilst the form is used then closes database connection. This way no matter how many changes I make to the code the end user is always running the latest version and not some old version they stored on their desktop.

Can this be done? If so any pointers as to how I could achieve this would be awesome.

Many thanks


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Apr 28, 2004
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To do this you would need to allow programmatic access to the VBA project and that could cause security issues.

Why not instead create an add-in that holds all the code for this project?

This could be stored at a central location where it could easily be updated when needed.


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Mar 30, 2017
Issue I think with an add-in, I can easily install it on all required boxes. If I do that can it be remotely updated without the weeks of testing by the IT dept?

I'm not sure programmatic access to the vba project is a real issue as internet access is severely restricted to end users. USB has physical locks to prevent switch blade or bad USB or USB rubby ducky hid type attacks.

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