Saving Reports into Different Folders With Different Logos and Title


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Sep 7, 2011
I have 40+ reports that I generate weekly for different clients.

I have the workbook set up so that each report is in a new sheet/tab and have a macro that runs through and saves each report as a PDF using the file name I desigate in a cell within the sheet.

My clients are now wanting the reports individualy branded to them.

My thinking is that I can list each clients name, phone, website, etc. in a new sheet then develope a marco that runs through and save the reports with row 2's infomation filled in on the reports, then row 3's and so on but one I don't know how to create a marco to do that :) (Please help) and two they also want their logos on the reports.

Can I place an image in a cell and have it called into another cell? Can I place them all in a folder and have it call the image in based on the location and name?

Thanks for all of your help guys and gals! You always have the answers!! :)


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Oct 30, 2011
See if the following example is useful for you. Naturally this has to be customized to meet the needs of your actual project, such as image formatting. If you prefer, post your current macro and I’ll make the modifications.

Sub Logos()
Dim shp As Shape, i%, crow%
crow = 25

' first workbook sheet contains logos and client info
' other sheets are the reports /// logos are inserted as images
' client data is at range b26:d28

For i = 1 To 3          ' loop through clients
    ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1).Shapes(i).Copy       ' logo
    ThisWorkbook.Sheets(i + 1).Paste            ' logo now is at report
    ' row with client data is placed on each report
    Sheets(i + 1).Range("L2:N2").Value = Sheets(1).Range("b" & (crow + i)).Resize(1, 3).Value

End Sub

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