Search specific cells in multiple workbooks?


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Sep 26, 2013
You guys were so very helpful last time that I am here again!!

I am creating a database of new jobs. Each new job will have its own unique ID # and pay rate. See the attached examples of Janitor and Barista. Each new job will have its own unique file, and will be stored in the same folder. The folder is intended to be a repository of all jobs. The files will start with job #: "412 - Janitor"

In the same folder I plan on having a MASTER spreadsheet. The purpose of this spreadsheet is to have a blank query cell where you can enter job number (in this case, cell B3 of the third example picture). The MASTER spreadsheet will then look through the rest of the files in the folder for the file starting with the job # that has been entered, and pull in the job title and annual pay from the new job file (cells B2 and D2 from each of the first two images).

My question is, how would I go about this? I want to do it in a way such that the MASTER file will automatically look through new job files as they are added, so I don't have to update the formula every time.

Any advice?

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