Setting number of processor threads

Johnny C

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Nov 7, 2006
I'm using the following piece of code to toggle between a single processor doing a long calculation on a dual core PC and both processors doing it. The reason is that the calculations can be 10-20mins and I can do other things if I switch to 1 (i.e. surf the web or work on Access)

    application.GenerateTableRefs = xlGenerateTableRefStruct
    If application.MultiThreadedCalculation.ThreadCount = 1 Then
        application.MultiThreadedCalculation.ThreadCount = xlThreadModeAutomatic
        application.MultiThreadedCalculation.ThreadMode = 1
    End If
However it doesn't like the automatic setting (xlThreadModeAutomatic = 0). It works fine if I set the threadcount to 2, but I'd like it to be automatically scaleable for more processors.

According to Xl2007 Help it should work fine, any ideas?

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Johnny C

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Nov 7, 2006
Fixed, with

    application.GenerateTableRefs = xlGenerateTableRefStruct
    application.MultiThreadedCalculation.Enabled = Not application.MultiThreadedCalculation.Enabled
    If application.MultiThreadedCalculation.Enabled Then application.MultiThreadedCalculation.ThreadMode = xlThreadModeAutomatic
it seems quite happy with the automatic setting now, odd (or maybe I just don't understand it properly)

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