Setting the Current Value from a Cell in a Form Control Scrollbar


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Sep 6, 2019
I have a file and created 3 scrollbars to help my sales reps understand how they can affect their commissions by activities they can control. On the worksheetI have a section that shows their current performance, and another section that shows a 'What-If' scenario. As I move the scrollbars, the 'What-IF' scenario changes and their commission total changes. My reps already like what they are seeing. What I want to happen is the 'Dials Per Day' scrollbar linked cell C7 should have a starting value of C16, the 'Dials to Conversion' scrollbar linked cell F7 should have a starting value of C17, and the '% Warm Transfers' scrollbar linked cell I7 should have a starting value of C20. This way, when I start the conversation, both the Current and What-If scenarios will be the same as a starting point, but the What-If scenario will change when the scrollbar changes.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I wanted to be thorough. The scrollbars and all formulas are already set and working, I just need the VBA code for the starting values. Once I have that, I will probably add a Reset Button to bring it back to the original values. BTW...I use Excel 365. TIA!

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