Sharing/Permissions on PowerPivot Workbooks


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Apr 16, 2019
I'm very new to PowerPivot and the underlying data structure, so forgive me for missing any obvious answers here. I'm replacing a manually updated workbook with a data model and PowerPivot features and ultimately going to be sharing a dashboard-like file with external users. I want them to be able to interact with the data filters, slicers, etc. without encountering any barriers or downloading anything. I also need to set permissions so that they can't necessarily access the underlying data.

Assuming they have at least Excel 2013 (so they should have PowerPivot built in), can I just share the Excel workbook with them and enable certain structural permissions? I would assume that, similar to sharing a workbook with pivot tables referencing external files, that they would just get some kind of "enable content" error message. Are there any issues with this that anyone foresees? I've read about SharePoint and Power BI for sharing interactive dashboards, but that will not be an option here. All of the other answers I can find are several years old when many people didn't have PowerPivot built in, so it seemed that other sharing options were necessary at the time.

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