Sharing .xls files with real-time currency conversions


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Apr 30, 2018
Hi All

Been using these boards for years and finally have an issue that I can't seem to find a solution/instructions for so this is my first post. (I'm also not the best at explaining things so please bear with me)

OK, so I have a rather large workbook and on one of the sheets is a real-time currency converter. The rest of the workbook references this sheet. I use it to create reports. However when I send it (via email) to someone or they open it on another computer(its stored on a shared server) then the real-time price converter does not work and when it tries to refresh I get the message "Unable to open Cannot download the information you requested"

I have tried to open it on another computer and re-follow the instructions to recreate it but it won't let me as it states "The start of the destination range specified lies within an existing External Date Range. Please choose another destination" I also cant add the table to another destination as the specific cells it is in are being referenced.

(I used this method if this helps )

Please help... Is this even possible??? 100 Karma points to whoever can help

Thanks in advance

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Excel Facts

Which lookup functions find a value equal or greater than the lookup value?
MATCH uses -1 to find larger value (lookup table must be sorted ZA). XLOOKUP uses 1 to find values greater and does not need to be sorted.


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Oct 13, 2007
It's more than likely permission/security setting on the enduser's Excel. They'd need to go to FILE/Options and allow trusting from the file location.

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