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May 10, 2005
i have a list of orders for depots by products in a table

Depot Product Order
1 234 6
1 223 7
1 221 2
2 234 3
2 223 7
etc etc

running into 20000+ individual entries

i want to arrange them as a matrix table as would be displayed in a crosstab query of the data above.
But i want the values to be editable

is this possible?

i don't want to reorganise the table to have the different products or depots as fields as i want to keep it dynamic to allow for additional products/depots to be added


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Aug 1, 2002
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The only way I know of to change the way the data is displayed is to use a Cross-Tab Query. And as you know, that is not editable.

Typically, you only use Cross-Tab Queries for display purposes (and sources for Forms, Reports, etc).
You would use simple select queries for editing purposes.


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Aug 5, 2003
The problem with doing that is that you denormalize the data, and you make it difficult to do anything else with it.
You're not the only person to have struck this issue, and there are workarounds.
The approach in this article takes one record at a time, lays out a form for editing, and then returns it to the normalized structure.
Another way is to use a crosstab followed by a Make-table query to get the nice layout; then use Union queries to transpose back again, and regenerate the original table with the edited data.


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